Training with us

From puppy training to behavioural issues we can help you and your four-legged friend through the hurdles of learning how to work together in a harmonious and effective way.

Puppy Training

Congrats on your new puppy! Now is the time to set you and your new friend up for success with a good foundation of basic obedience behaviours as well as techniques to prevent unwanted behaviours from popping up later. We offer one-one-one training sessions or group puppy classes.     

Behaviour Consulting

Does your dog: jump up on people? Guard his food bowl? Show fear or aggression to other dogs/people? Get stressed out when left alone? We offer one-on-one private counselling sessions to help you and your dog work through these and other behavioural issues in a positive and effective way.      

In-home Training

Does your dog need training for some issues that you are just not comfortable dealing with yourself or maybe your busy schedule does not allow you the time? We can come to your home and train your dog for you. Once we feel your dog has mastered the training we will transfer the knowledge and techniques to you.