There is nothing better than hiking through the forest with a pack of happy dogs!

Introducing Cora:


My love of dogs has never waned. I am that person who stops to greet every dog on the street, appreciates every breed, asks how my friends’ dogs are doing, and takes her own dog everywhere she goes. When Fela, my beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback companion, passed away after 15 happy years, I decided to open my doors and my heart to dogs in need of care and companionship. 

I have been dog walking and boarding for the last 3 years, while continuing with a full-time job in hospitality. It has been so fulfilling, right from the start, that I knew I had found my calling. I decided to pursue my dream of committing myself fully to my own dog walking business. 

"I had a full house growing up on a farm in Salmon Arm. Raised with cows, chickens, horses, cats, and dogs, my love of animals came early and naturally. From childhood, I was always to be found outdoors, tending to the animals or hiking through the wilderness with a dog, or two, by my side.

I first moved to the big city of Vancouver in 1995. And while I have done my share of travelling, the beauty and allure of the surrounding forests and mountain trails won me over so truly that I have called this place my home ever since. To this day, I continue to explore the North Shore mountains, rain or shine, every weekend.


When I first met Valerie and the Hikin’ Hounds, I knew I had found my perfect match. My love of hiking and my love of dogs paired with the great care that Valerie has put into her business and the attention she has given to her pack has allowed me to realize my dream opportunity. I am so excited to continue the legacy of Hikin’ Hounds, and to providing the same amazing service you have come to know and trust. I look forward to sharing this adventure with all of you.”  Cora Seppala