Our story

"Being able to spend every day with a wonderful pack of dogs and giving them the opportunity to be their doggy selves - that is the highlight of my day!"

- Cora Seppala, Hikin' Hounds Owner

Dogs love being outside, sniffing around, and playing with their friends, and quite frankly so do we (well, maybe not the sniffing!). In fact, this love of dogs is what created the foundation for Hikin’ Hounds, Dog Adventures. Dog walking is a social activity. It is meeting up with a good group of friends everyday and enjoying a fun-filled adventure together that deepens bonds and continually creates new memories. But even with all the fun there is a serious side to it too. Understanding how dogs interact, both with each other, their physical environment, and their human counterparts, is important in keeping our loved ones safe and healthy.

In 2006 Hikin’ Hounds was born from a love of dogs and an outdoor lifestyle.  Over the years Vancouver has grown into a vibrant city and with that has come a huge growth in the number of dogs at the local dog parks and beaches. 

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Meet Cora

Cora Seppala is the owner and primary dog walker for Hikin' Hounds. Surrounded by animals her entire life and having a love for the outdoors, she decided to combine her two greatest passions into a career.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple, we want to help owners have rewarding relationships with their dogs by providing safe, reliable and fun dog walking services. We strongly believe in dogs being allowed to be dogs!


Safety First

Our number one priority is the well being of our dogs. Cora is an avid dog lover with 5 years of professional dog walking experience. We are licensed in Vancouver and North Vancouver and are fully insured by Profur.