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Mountain Hikes


We offer daily group outings to the beautiful North Shore mountains. Your dog will love the freedom of running with the pack, plus learn important social skills and make life-long friends! There is nowhere that matches the freedom and adventure of the mountain trails. The dogs get to run, play and explore off-leash in a beautiful forest setting. In the summertime we frolic in the mountain streams and in the winter we hike through the magic of a snow-laden forest. It's an ever-changing environment that ensures no two hikes are alike and every day is a new adventure! These hikes are suitable for fit, healthy dogs of all sizes and at least 6 months old. 

All our hikes are 2 hours long and include a pick-up and drop-off service to and from your home or office.

We offer convenience, safety & LOVE!

We’ll pick your dog up directly from your home or office and take them on adventures they‘ll never forget! With over 13 years experience hiking our pack of dogs in the North Shore mountains, we know the trails well and can assure you your dog is in reliable hands. In addition, we are certified for Canine First Aid and all our trucks are equipped with emergency first aid kits. Plus, we always have extra leashes, collars, and water bowls readily available. Our love of dogs is the reason we do this every day and you can be assured that your pooch will be treasured and taken care of as if they are our own. We think of our pack as our kids and treat them with the love and respect of best buddies, which they are!!

Our Commitment To You

Having a walker that strongly understands the importance of having a well-trained pack for safety reasons means that there will be a lot of focus on basic obedience, recalls and social skills. Not only will you come home to a tired and happy dog but you will notice improvements in their behaviours as well. 

When dropping off your pooch we give them a nice rub down and make sure they are cleaned up before putting them inside.  With tail wagging anticipation, they will be looking forward to their next Hikin’ Hounds dog adventure!

A fun, safe and educational environment for your dog, where your dog gets to experience the joy of being a dog! 


  • Daily: $40

  • Package of 10 walks: $360

  • Monthly (5 walks per week): $740

  • (Please add 5% GST)