Our mission

To let dogs be dogs while sharing their lives with their humans in a meaningful way. We want pets and owners to be happy and do the things they love. 

The obstacles: Letting dogs be dogs in the city can be tough on most dog owners. There are plenty of stumbling blocks that prevent us, such as finding the time in our busy schedule, or finding outdoor spaces where dogs can coexist with non-dog people, and then trying to manage dog relationships at the park can be rough at times too. 

Combining all these barriers can make it difficult for some dog owners to get out and do the activiites they love to do with their dogs.


Our vision is to teach people how natural animal behaviour can co-exist with humans in a harmonious way that enriches everyone's lives (including the non-dog people of this world!).

How we accomplish this is two fold; first, we provide dogs with a safe outlet for interacting with other dogs through our group walking programs; second, we teach dogs and their owners better tools for communication by using Force Free Training methods. These methods enhance their relationships in a fun and rewarding way.

The results for dog owners means better communication with their dog, better communication at dog parks, an easier time understanding dog behaviour at the dog parks, and increased time to spend with their loving furry friend.

The results for DOGS means they get to play like a dog, have better friends at the dog park, love their owners even more, hang out in cool spots like the mountains or the beach, and above all have fun and be happy!