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Puppy Training


Have you recently welcomed a new puppy into your family? Congratulations! Start your new relationship off on the right foot with a good foundation of obedience behaviours including "sit", "lie down", "wait", "stay", "come" and "leave-it".  We also cover housetraining, puppy-proofing your house and provide you with techniques to prevent unwanted behaviours from popping up later; like resource guarding, hard-biting, jumping up and dislike of body-handling. 

Our puppy sessions are based on force-free methods and use positive motivators for good behaviours.  We are certified through the Academy for Dog Trainers and use a science-based approach to ensure that you and your new furry buddy create a positive, strongly-bonded relationship that will last for a lifetime. 


Puppy Sessions

Puppies are adorably fun, cute, mischievous and energetic which can also be challenging for most families. We recommend that as soon as you pick up your new friend you start with an individual session where we can set you on the right road to ensure that your puppy will quickly learn how to fit in with you and your family's home & lifestyle. Our private puppy sessions are a perfect way for you to decide what are the skills that would work best in your family. We teach you how to communicate those skills in a positive manner that will set him/her up for success. 

We also offer Puppy Classes after 8 weeks of age! Our classes run small groups and are designed to cover the basic obedience skills such as sit, stay, come, etc. as well as covering techniques to prevent unwanted behaviours from popping up later. It's a great chance for your puppy to learn important socialization skills and a fun experience for all!


Puppy Skills

Learning how to encourage positive behaviours is the easiest approach and can avoid difficult behaviours later on. We cover multiple areas including:

  • Housetraining

  • Basic Obedience (sit, down, stay, come, leave it)

  • Body-handling and puppy biting

  • Crate Training

  • Socialization skills (dog parks!)



Private Training sessions:

  • Initial Consultation: $150

  • Follow-up Sessions: $100/hr

Puppy classes

  • Please email us for the latest information on classes

  • Just the first round of vaccinations are required for classes