“I brought my newly rescued 8 month old “lab fusion” to Valerie as she came highly recommended by another reputable positive reinforcement trainer who was unavailable for me and my Lenny. And wow, she didn’t disappoint! In just three sessions, she was able to turn my totally untrained puppy into one that responds, listens and learns. QUICKLY!  I even had specific requests that she addressed immediately and with great success. I can’t recommend Valerie enough. The change in my little buddy is obvious to everyone who witnessed her transformation.  I now have the tools to keep my dog safe and happy for the rest of her life.  Thank you Valerie!!! Lenny thanks you, too!!!!”

- Laura & Lenny


"Our 12 year old Labrador retriever, Hayduke, has known Valerie since he was a little pup of 4 months old. I am proud to say that he is an original "Hikin' Hound". I credit his good health in large part to being one of Valerie's pack. Throughout the years he has eagerly awaited Valerie for his twice weekly long adventures. Any mention of the name Valerie elicits a fervent wag of his tail and when she shows up he can’t get out of the house fast enough. When Hayduke jumps in the truck Valerie always takes the time to ensure he’s had a big welcome pat, time to say hi to his buddies or be introduced to a new pack member before she drives off. She shows a tremendous amount of loyalty, care and love for her dogs. As Hayduke has aged she has made sure to keep me well informed of how he is doing on the hikes and we have made changes to his outings to better match his changing abilities. He always comes home happy and well exercised. She truly cares for all her pack members. We highly recommend her services. Thanks for taking such great care of our pooch, Valerie!" 

Daniela, Don & Hayduke

"We have known Valerie for many, many years.  She is part of our family and our Labrador certainly feels the same.  Micah howls with joy every time Valerie arrives for her mountain hikes or beach walks.  Valerie cares deeply for the creatures who fill her days and the 'dads' too.  She has always always been there when we need her.  We cannot imagine not having her in our lives."  

Sean, Jeff & Micah


"I was having serious trouble with my 7-year old Jack Russell’s recall, more and more there were times when he would get stubborn and would not come. Sometimes he would even leave the park and cross roads. Taking him to the park was getting to be stressful and worrisome. I lost him one night for about 20 minutes. I had no idea where he was, it was dark and I was scared for him. His behaviour was becoming more and more reckless. In desperation I emailed Valerie to ask if she could help with his recall. The three of us met at my place, and we spent 30 minutes or so going over recall training. Within five days, following Valerie’s instructions, I was able to take Sullivan to the off-leash park and he came when called – every time. After that I took him to the doggie beach for the real test and he passed it with flying colours! He came when I called. It was such a huge relief. Once again I have the confidence to enjoy his mischief and merry-making knowing that he is safe because he comes when he is called. Thank you, Valerie!" 

– Morva & Sullivan

"Angel loves only two people in the world apart from her Mom and Dad, and one of them is Valerie.  Valerie is so good with Angel who has a lot of trust issues with people given her rough start in life.  The easy connection Valerie has with all the dogs in her pack is truly special and lovely to witness.  It is that obvious love and compassion and understanding and respect and joy in Valerie's interactions with her dogs that has made us such happy and grateful clients of Valerie for the past 13 years.  We completely trust her with Angel, as we did with our precious girl Baylea before, and never hesitate to highly recommend Valerie to anyone who is looking to increase the level of activity, fun and excitement in their dog's life."

-Terri, Liam & Angel 

"Valerie came highly recommended to me and I am so fortunate that she took Sookie and I on as a client. She is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry and I trust her implicitly.  Sookie is a Siberian Husky which can be challenging for the inexperienced. It floors me how many dog care companies out there do not actually know that much about dogs! Valerie knows dogs and I know Sookie is getting a fun great workout. Trust me - it is not easy to wear a Siberian out!"

-Lynn & Sookie

“We have been lucky to have had Valerie in our lives for many years.  The thing we have loved most about Valerie??  She LOVES what she does.  It shows in her and it shows in how the animals respond to her. We love that we can leave our dogs with Valerie with complete confidence.  She loves them the way we love them.  What more is there to say :)"

-Colette, Rick, Abby & Nina

"Dolce has been with Valerie since she was a puppy. The excitement she gets when she hears Valerie voice at the door is an Oscar winning performance. I can’t even say the word “Valerie” without her jumping and spinning around. If I was to describe Valerie I would say she is trustworthy, professional, dedicated in all types of weather, a true leader that keeps her pack in order, has a calming effect on dogs and a true loyal friend to all members of her pack. If Dolce had her way she would be out with Valerie from sun up to sun down while I am at work. I truly believe my rescue dog Dolce would not be the great dog she is today if she had never joined Valerie’s pack" 

- John & Dolce

"We contacted Valerie to help us with our giant Great Dane puppy, Bowie. We knew with his enormous size, we needed a well-behaved pooch. Valerie came to our home and provided us with exercises and homework that were based in positive training. We were happy and Bowie was especially happy when she showed up with sausages as his reward! Her extensive knowledge in dog training combined with her clear love of dogs make her an excellent trainer. She always follows up via call, text or email to ensure that the training is going well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Valerie to anyone who is looking for an exceptional trainer.  I always look forward to visits from Valerie and, most importantly, Bowie adores the ‘Sausage Lady.’"

- Katie, Jake & Bowie



"For over twelve years Valerie at Hikin’ Hounds took my beloved Sam twice a week for hikes and beach romps. She was never late, gave months of notice for any absences she anticipated and was utterly reliable.  

But for Sam her reliability was just one of many qualities that she had. Sam bonded with her and trusted her profoundly. Sam anticipated with sheer joy her arrival, her hugs and the hours of outdoor fun that ensued.

Valerie always had Sam and her other charges in control and in unbridled doggy happiness.  Always in touch with the dogs’ abilities and needs, Valerie is capable of handling all the challenges that can crop up over twelve years. Time with Hikin’ Hounds is safe and great fun."

- Jane, Fred & Sambolina